All of our wines are Vegan as we don’t use milk,egg or fish fining products

List The Wines

Gewürztraminer – Susan

2001 also saw the first release of Gewürztraminer. Susan, Mark’s wife loves Gewürztraminer, particularly a dry variety. There was no contest – her name went on all three varieties – off dry , dry and the Auslese vintages.

Pinot Noir Rose – Jennifer

Susan’s sister loves Gewürztraminer but lost out to her eldest sister. Jenny has her second choice with her name on the Pinot Rosé. Rosé is a by-product of wine making. The juice is taken off red grape juice after 24 hours and made into wine. It is meant to be drunk between the current vintage and the next year. A lovely light wine to be drunk over lunch on a summer’s day.

Pinot Gris – Ursula

2001 saw the release of our first vintage of Pinot Gris. Given the success of naming our wine we decided to continue the theme. Mark’s sister lives in Cape Town and likes to drink dry white wines. It was a natural fit to put her name on this varietal thus Ursula was duly christened on a bottle of Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir – Beverley

In 1998 the release of our first vintage – 1997, Pinot Noir was dedicated to Beverley, a very supportive friend who encouraged Mark to take the risk, sinking all of his superannuation and redundancy from 24 years at IBM into two sheep paddocks with nothing but cattle troughs, some tired fences and a line of large trees down the centre. Beverley’s support had been consistent. The wine was supposed to be dedicated for that vintage only however it took a life of its own. People didn’t reorder the wine by its varietal name Pinot Noir, rather they ordered it by the name Beverley. Accordingly the naming of our wines had arrived.

Sauvignon Blanc – Sarah

This wine was an easy wine to name. It is named after Susan’s sister who was living in Seattle, USA. Sarah drank New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to remind her of home.

Pinot Noir – Catherine

This wine is named after two people. The first person is Mark’s god-daughter and niece who lives in Cape Town and the second person is Susan’s second sister who lives in Auckland. Both women like a lighter red wine and neither of them are big drinkers. This wine was very light, full of fruit and easy to drink, accordingly easy to name after Catherine.

Riesling – Anna

This wine is named for one of our key staff who works in the café side of the business and has learned to love wine.