Reserve Pinot Noir - Beverley - 2013

Reserve Pinot Noir - Beverley - 2013

Variety: Pinot Noir 100% Region: Martinborough, NZ Style: Dry

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Vintage: The 2013 vintage was a joy to work. Very much an abundant year of good fruit. Weather through Spring and Summer was  ideal for producing physiologically ripe fruit. Autumn was good also.The fruit was clean this year – free of Botrytis Cinerea.

Vineyard: Own vineyard on the terraces of Martinborough.

Production: Hand picked fruit was delivered to the winery for processing ASAP. On arrival the fruit was crushed and destemmed to vat with pectic enzymes added to aid juice extraction and clarification.

A selected yeast culture was used to ferment the must. Ferment temperature range 80 C to 330 C to ensure maximum extraction of colour, aroma and flavour compounds. The vat was plunged 4 times a day for 16 days before pressing. This year the basket press was used for the job. pH adjustments were made as necessary during the skin contact period. Following gross lees settling the wine was racked to barrel for MLF to take place. The oak was 1 year old French Oak.

Post MLF adjustments followed then cool storage until ready for bottling. Total time in oak, 9 months.

The wine was polish filtered only prior to bottling at Oak House.

Appearance: Clean, bright medium red with purple rim at bottling.

Aroma: Complex dark cherry and subtle plum aromas abound. Nuances of oak vanillins will show when the wine is warm. Not intended to be over done!

Palate: A fine balance of fruit and oak tannins finish the abundant depth of fruit flavour. The concentration of flavours this year was very satisfying. Time alone will allow the wine to reach its full potential.

Cellaring: Five to seven years cool cellaring will make this a truly elegant wine.

Serving: Best presented at 18 to 20°C for overall enjoyment.

Food Accompaniments: Best suited to lamb or venison dishes then progress to pork, beef and other game dishes as the wine ages.

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